Thank you Fort Yuma Rotary for electing me as your new club president. Thanks, I think...just kidding. I am looking forward to the next 12 months. I’m sure the time will fly.

Being president definitely takes Rotary to the next level for me.  Seems like I have been learning or doing something new daily since talking the gavel over from Keith.

The year got off to a festive start. Some of us made the trek out to Dateland to attend the community’s 16th Annual 4th of July Celebration.

The Dateland community welcomed us with open arms. The whole evening was actually dedicated to Fort Yuma Rotary. Special thanks to Jack Puckett & Yuma Insurance for sponsoring the firework tribute to Fort Yuma Rotary.  It was very heart-warming. And it was a wonderful reminder of why we have been working so hard for the kids & families in the Dateland area for the past two years.

After the fireworks, I went off for surgery & missed my first two meetings.  I’m so sorry things worked out that way. I am very thankful to David Carvell & Rob Campbell for covering the meetings for me. Thanks guys!

I’m back now & ready to get busy.  First up, the back to school shopping spree.  Last Saturday was our first community event.  The shopping spree was a bounding success.  Marlene Aiello was the chair and she went above & beyond. The kids had a great time and left with a bag of clothes and a stuffed backpack. Many thanks to Marlene, her committee & all of those that came out early Saturday morning to shop.

And that was just the first project of the year.  You will have many opportunities to get involved. We have fund-raisers and service projects in the works.  Please let Evelyn Malo or Clayton Hasty, the Service Chairs, know where you’d like to sign up.  We need everyone’s participation.  For new members, this is a perfect way to get to know everyone & more about our club activities.  Sign up now & be involved from the start.

The next few months are going to go fast. Let’s all hold on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks,  Renee