When you realize that OUR Rotary Foundation separates this service organization from every other service group in the world it is easy to want to be a part of it. And when we look one step further and see that every dollar we contribute is actually used for charitable projects, it makes it even easier to choose the Rotary Foundation as your charity of choice.


You may not know this but when you make a contribution to OUR Rotary Foundation 50 cents of every dollar comes right back to our district to be used for local projects. Fort Yuma has used a simplified grant for the past three years to help finance our projects in this community. We have received just under $6,000.00 in all. That is your money working hard right here at home.

The other 50 cents goes to other Rotary humanitarian programs like water well projects, the GSE program and world education and peace programs. Can you think of another charity that makes your dollars so powerful?

In these times it is difficult to part with your hard earned dollars. We have all had to cut back and pick and choose what we want to help out with. We cannot forget about our local organizations that desperately need our help and we have to continue to support them, but as Rotarians we should also support the Foundation even if it is as little as $2 a week. That is all it cost to be a sustaining member. So far our club has had about 40 of our members sign up to be a sustaining member this year. Please consider joining them and making our club a 100% sustaining member club.

If you would like more information on how your dollars work at the Foundation or what the Foundation programs are please give me a call.

I also want to thank Kevin Smith for stepping up and helping me out this year with the Foundation. It is not the easiest topic to talk to Rotarians about and his support is much appreciated.

Keith Boyd

Fort Yuma Foundation Chair