Hi Everyone,

You have to wonder sometimes when you watch the news what is in store for this world. I personally get angry when I see other countries disrespect this great country we live in. It is easy to let hatred build inside when we see these things both on TV and even right here in Yuma.


I am so happy we have Rotary to create a balance and bring us back to the people we know we are. Last year when the GSE team came in from Turkey I realized that those people are just like us. They have careers, friends and families just like us. They laugh and hurt just like us. I realize the ones that make the world look so bad are the minority and there are more good people in the world than bad.

We all have an opportunity to host a GSE team member and even be the ones who can organize their visit to Yuma. They are coming from Africa where we are currently involved in a water project. This will be a great chance for us to get to know people from the other side of the world. I believe that any one of us that meet these people will be better and will regain our confidence in the future of our planet. Let me know if you can participate in any way. Even if you simply want to show them a Fort Yuma good time for one evening at your house. I will be getting more information to you as I get it on the dates they will be in town.

Also this month is New Generations month. This is the newest avenue of service at Rotary International. I believe we have accidently brought this new avenue of service to life at exactly the right time with our Back Pack Program. The way the two Interact clubs have jumped in to help us was maybe the most well rounded project that I have witnessed that involved a Rotary club and two Interact clubs equally. And this project will continue all year long. I think this will bring Rotary and Interact closer than ever and what a great time to make it happen.

Please jump in with both feet for our Pars Under the Stars. Robin and her committee have been working really hard for a few months now and need your help to get players, sponsors and sell golf balls. With all of the projects we have taken on this year, our fund raisers are more important than ever.