Jolynn and Dave recently shared their goals to raise money for this year's Golf-A-Thon with us. We really need every member to step up and take one dozen balls with them to either buy or sell to others. If everyone does their part, that would bring in $12,000 for the Golf-A-Thon! The price of the balls is one for $15, two for $25 and 10 for $100. There will be a $1,000 prize for the 1st in the hole, $100 for all other balls that drop in the hole and $100 for furthest from the hole! The balls will be dropped from a crane the night of the Golf-A-Thon. There just may be prizes awarded for who sells the most balls. Is it going to be Ted again? Come on Fort Yuma, let's do what we do best-raise money and have fun doing it!