School Classroom Project in Congo in Full Swing.


Yuma Rotarian and friend to Fort Yuma, Capt. Jonathan Harvey is currently in The Congo with the Salvation Army, working on classrooms at a local elementary school.  The classrooms are in need of refurbishing.  Capt. Harvey is sending reports to update on progress to President Ronna, and we'll keep you posted as we get them.  Below is his latest email, as received:


What an amazing time we are having here in the Democratic Republic of
Congo in Africa.

For those of you whom I may not have been in touch with in recent
months, I am current working as part of a mission relief team for three
weeks in Kinshasa, Congo.  We arrived on Friday last week and have spent
the last few days touring The Salvation Army facilities in the Kinshasa
area, meeting the Salvation Army leadership in this country and
preparing for the work we will begin tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

It has been such an incredible experience already as we have driven the
streets in Kinshasa and visited with the people in various outlying
communities.  The Congo has gone through much turmoil over the years but
the newly elected government is working hard to restore some kind of
normality to life in this region.  Trash is piled everywhere, the
streets, most of which are narrow dirt roads are lined with hungry
desperate people and street vendors work desperate to provide their
families something to eat each day.  As our team drove to the Yolo Corps
(church) on Sunday, I was particularly moved by watching children
cleaning their teeth from pots of water next to the gutters of the dusty
streets.  In America and other places around the world, we cannot begin
to comprehend the life these people lead day in and day out!  Poverty is
rampant, yet there are signs of hope for the people of the Congo.

Sunday, I attended the Yolo Corps where I was privileged to be asked to
preach.  I was struck by the amazing spirit of the people as they sang
and danced their way through the service, even the offering!  Cow bells
clanged, shakers rattled, drums boomed and the power of the Holy Spirit
could be felt through the enthusiasm of the people.  At the conclusion
of the service the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way and the altar was
lined with row after row of people eager to place their lives fully in
Gods hands.

Tomorrow the hard work begins as we role up our sleeves and begin
The school we are to repair was in really poor shape.  Prior to arriving
a contractor placed new roofing material on all the buildings, repaired
broken down walls and poured cement floors.  These repairs were funded
by our division and who is partnered with this region.  We have now been
split into two teams, one of which will paint the school and the other
will begin building the desks for the children.  The school will be
dedicated at a massive ceremony on September 16th and it opens to
students on September 17th.  We have a huge amount of work to do before
then so keep us in your prayers!

I will keep the mail coming over the next week or two and will sends
pictures from time to time if you will allow me.  If you would like to
be removed from this mailing list please let me know and I will do so.

For now I need to get some rest so good night and God bless....

Captain Jonathan Harvey
Yuma County Coordinator