After several hours of driving we finally reached the Grand Canyon National Park.

The environment changed a lot on our trip; the camping place was 
actually kind of green!
So, when we arrived at the camping place, we realized that something 
was wrong.
It was because we didn't rent a place. But driving to the office and 
renting a new place for us all wasn't a problem,
and so we finally had our place to camp on and started setting up our 
tents and everything.
On the first night we had a very good American meal on the grill: 
Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers.
I got to know the new exchange student from Chile, Thomas, and I 
figured out that he also loves to play the guitar and sing.
We made friends instantly and had a very good time together.
Lousie and Yelkow were also there, and it was great seeing them again. 
I also got to know Gerrit, another guy from Germany, who takes part in 
another program.
Louise's host family is very nice too, but (of course) not as good as 
my host family.
After a funny night in our tent and breakfast, we started our hike; 
well equipped with big backpacks and lots of water we reached the rim 
of the Grand Canyon.
The look was awesome! None of us had ever seen something like that 
before. We were all very impressed.
And then we started hiking. Our tour guides did a really good job; 
they explained a lot of interesting things and created a very good mood.
After a lunch in the Canyon some of us started their way back, but the 
tough guys among us travelled further into the big hole.
A few hours later we were even able to see the Colorado River, which 
is about in the middle of the Canyon. Hiking to the river itself takes 
about three days. We were all very impressed by the view,
and we all threw stones down the cliffs and tried to hear the noises 
of them hitting the ground. After that, we started our way back.
The whole trip took us about 8 hours, and it was an unforgettable 
experience, especially with all those other exchange students and the 
very nice tour guides.
When we finally arrived at the top, the others already waited for us 
und then we headed back to camp and enjoyed the rest of the day.