Past President, Karen Griffin, will not get much of a reprieve from Rotary just yet.
This past weekend in Tucson, she was sworn in to her new position as Assistant Governor for District Governor, Ernie Montagne. Karens new job will be to oversee Region 2 in Yuma which is Somerton, Yuma North End, Yuma Sunrise and of course, the best club in all of Yuma County-Fort Yuma!

Mark Watson from the Yuma Club will be Assistant Governor for Region 1 which includes San Luis, Yuma Crossing, Yuma Foothills and his own club, Yuma Rotary. Congratulations to Karen and Mark.

DG Ernie Montagne has some great ideas for his year. If you haven't had a chance to meet Ernie and Sally and hear their Rotary stories, you are missing out. They will be visiting our club on September 9th-don't miss it!