That's right! Fort Yuma was at the spay and neutering clinic bright and early last Saturday morning.
There were about 70 feral cats that we cared for in the recovery area. The mission was to trap the cats on Friday night and have them ready to be altered first thing Saturday morning. Fort Yumans cared for the cats by placing them back in their cages after surgery. The cages were marked with addresses so the cats could be returned to where they were caught. Our job was to watch over them to make sure they came out of surgery okay and keep them settled down. Some of those cages were really rocking back and forth! On Sunday morning the cats were returned home. This step is important to keep the colony the same size so they don't keep reproducing. Each cat is also ear-notched so that they know it has been altered and also checked for leukemia at the same time. Each of the feral cats can be responsible for over 5,000 kittens being born. This would equate to Fort Yuma helping to keep Yuma's cat population down by 35,000 cats! This project and the humane treatment of all these animals is very dear to Tanya and she would like to thank every one that came out Saturday (Sarah, Sue, Robin E., Ronna Sue, Karen G., Everett, Leslie, Karen F. and Renee). Way to go Fort Yuma!