Well it is already February. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by.

  We have already accomplished so much this year in Dateland with both the Back Pack program and the Dateland concession stand. Our Old is Gold project was a huge success and our Interact kids are really stepping it up this year helping with our fund raisers, our water project and getting to RYLA and showing the rest of the district that Yuma is an important part of District 5500.

Now it is time to raise the money that has paid for everything we have done this year. Our biggest fund raiser of the year is right around the corner. MARDI GRAS, Feb. 25. Please do everything you can to sign up for a job and help us out. This is a huge fund raiser and we need every member to help. We are trying something different this year by starting the event early and ending it earlier. We will not have to be tearing things down at 1 AM this year.

So far our committee has been amazingly successful getting sponsors and with the good Lord willing we will have beautiful weather and have a great turn out. This year could break every record ever set.

We will be delivering flowers on Feb. 14. Sue England will be taking care of the signup sheet for this fund raiser so contact her if you can break free for a few hours to help out.

Thank you to everyone who is making this year a great success. If you have not had a job please let me know. We still have so much to do and we need all the help we can get.