It is often said that children are the future of the world. Healthy and happy children are key to achieving Rotary's goal of building international understanding and peace in the world. There is no better place to nourish a young mind than in a family whose basic needs have been met and who can spend time together.


Celebrate Rotary's commitment to family in December. Consider bringing together the mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and members of your Rotary family into shared activities. Participate in a community service project that will help strengthen families in your community by:


Sponsoring a seminar for new parents on child development


Organizing a father/daughter or mother/son dinner


Promoting a family literacy project which emphasizes parents reading to their children


Raising awareness of child abuse prevention programs in your community


Chaperoning a safe and fun weekend activity for the community's teenagers


Volunteering at a shelter for homeless families


Assisting the elderly in nursing homes with simple crafts that they can give as gifts to their families


Creating a park or recreational area where parents can spend time with their children


Providing materials and support to a daycare facility or orphanage


Creating an after-school activities program for older children which will give them a safe place to go while their parents are at work


Celebrate your extended family in December - the Family of Rotary!

The 2004-05 Family of Rotary Task Force supports clubs in efforts to care for Rotarians and members of Rotary's extended family (spouses, children, and parents) and to remember spouses of deceased Rotarians. Strengthen the Family of Rotary by:


Recognizing the contributions of members of the Family of Rotary at a club meeting


Encouraging spouses, children, and parents of Rotarians to participate in service projects

The RI Board has adopted the following statement on family:

The Board, recognizing that

 the family, which is the basic unit of society in the community, is struggling with a host of complex social and economic problems that are attacking its structure;

 in many parts of the world, this breakdown of the traditional structure is, in turn, threatening the fabric of community life;

 Rotary's longtime commitment to Community Service makes it imperative for Rotarians to actively address the crisis in the family today;

 Encourages Rotarians, Rotary clubs, and districts worldwide to:

a) bring their power to bear through existing programs on the most formidable problems facing families today, including but not limited to domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, gang activities, child-care needs, and underemployment;

b) instill the importance of universal human values in the homes, schools and communities of the world;

c) continue current projects and undertake new ones that strengthen the family structure and make it a secure anchor for the larger community;

d) demonstrate their commitment to family and community through projects, activities, and events in celebration of "Family Month" each year. (July 03, Nov. 95)

Project Development Resources

Community Projects Database at

Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects (605A)

Family and Community Service Award (757)

Send your Rotary club's Family Month success stories to:

Community Programs Section, Rotary International

One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60201 USA


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