Several of us had the pleasure recently of delivering school supplies to the Dateland school.
President Karen and our board decided to adopt the Dateland school this year. After a couple of trips to the school to evaluate their needs and a very long wish list from the administration, Fort Yuma made the first step in fulfilling some of those items. Thanks to several donations of supplies from our members, a truckload of pens, paper, erasers, etc. were delivered to some very happy recipients.

We were also informed recently that our effort in obtaining a simplified grant for approximately $1,300 to build a volleyball court, install tether ball poles, and other miscellaneous outdoor activities was approved! Get ready to get dirty Fort Yumans, you will be getting more information soon as to when this will take place. If you would like more information on this project or want to help, contact Cullum and he will get you signed up! And keep bringing those supplies for our next trip! You can find a list of needs for the school under "downloads" on our web site.